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A Daily Pardon

Shrill and alarming the morning starts With pre-loaded sounds screamed from tiny speakers I stumble though the same motions I did yesterday The day before, and the one before that More automaton than man I ride a steel beast through streets of noise Dodging danger and accidents, on hostile roads And yet at the same … Continue reading

Grasping at the Past

When we are children the world stretches before us Time seems infinite Experiences repeatable indefinitely What is there shall always be there Even though we are told the truth Shown it in every form that life is finite We cannot understand how that can be When we, in our youth, feel invincible As I’ve grown … Continue reading

Unicorn’s Meadow

When I saw today’s prompt the first thing I thought of was teeth cavities of course, but the second thing I thought about was a hollow in the Earth. Some of my stuff has been pretty morose, so I wrote this for my daughter and her undying love of unicorns.

Ranger’s Oath

In a fantasy world I thought up, the Rangers of Talarin are a group of fighters and hunters that protect the valley and their home of Talarin from the encroaching forest that surrounds their land, which is situated in a valley at the base of a mountain.