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Typing Cicadas

I wear self imposed blinders everyday Reassurances meant to block out all uncertainties Dreams of better kept out by the darkness of security I cannot witness the dark side of not knowing But neither can I be tempted by sumptuous paths of possibility Occasionally the blinders slip, and I panic Struggling to put them back … Continue reading


Thin is the smile I paint over my pain Yet I paint with master strokes So there are many that will not see Only those who are also good at hiding Blending the emotions of their face perfectly To let others know that they are ok When truly they are as far from as they … Continue reading

A Rube’s Wisdom

Like Ranger’s Oath and Garden Tended before it this is a poem well known in the fantasy world of Talarin. It is supposed to be a poem that teaches a lesson, taught to young people or shared when we are busy missing the forest for the trees.

A Garden Tended

Not too long ago I responded to a daily prompt with a post about an imaginary fantasy land named Talarin. I started to write this little poem, realized they were wedding vows, and liked the idea of them taking place in this same fictional village. Enjoy!

A Puzzle Better Left Unsolved

I’ve tried to disperse bouncier and more fanciful writing in between my more morose posts, but I’m coming to find out writing is part of my process for coping. Thanks for bearing with me.

Compass Lost

I sat and talked to you today Whispered your name into the wind Even though I knew of course You’d never answer me again