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Passion Reclaimed

I didn’t really like sports growing up. It simply wasn’t something I was very interested in. While others were relishing watching Football on TV, I was watching Goku fight Freiza. When others wanted to read about the stats of their favorite baseball player, I was busy reading Tolkien. Others might be playing a game of … Continue reading

A Puzzle Better Left Unsolved

I’ve tried to disperse bouncier and more fanciful writing in between my more morose posts, but I’m coming to find out writing is part of my process for coping. Thanks for bearing with me.

Punching Down

I’m going to tell you something I’m horribly ashamed of. For those of you who know me personally, but have met me only recently, this may come as a shock to you. If you’ve read some of my impassioned Facebook rants you know how I feel about these topics in general, and yet I was … Continue reading

Unicorn’s Meadow

When I saw today’s prompt the first thing I thought of was teeth cavities of course, but the second thing I thought about was a hollow in the Earth. Some of my stuff has been pretty morose, so I wrote this for my daughter and her undying love of unicorns.

Ranger’s Oath

In a fantasy world I thought up, the Rangers of Talarin are a group of fighters and hunters that protect the valley and their home of Talarin from the encroaching forest that surrounds their land, which is situated in a valley at the base of a mountain.

Foreign Sands

At first he knew only blackness, then a chill, and then a dull roaring that assaulted him from what seemed every corner of his being. His heart beat heavy in his chest and blood pounded in his ears along with a loud ringing sensation. So he had not died after all, but how had he … Continue reading