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Thin is the smile I paint over my pain Yet I paint with master strokes So there are many that will not see Only those who are also good at hiding Blending the emotions of their face perfectly To let others know that they are ok When truly they are as far from as they … Continue reading

Grasping at the Past

When we are children the world stretches before us Time seems infinite Experiences repeatable indefinitely What is there shall always be there Even though we are told the truth Shown it in every form that life is finite We cannot understand how that can be When we, in our youth, feel invincible As I’ve grown … Continue reading

Compromising With The Babadook

I’m beginning to discover that dealing with grief is a constant compromise that happens within yourself. This is as important as compromise with anyone that you truly want to get along with.

A Rube’s Wisdom

Like Ranger’s Oath and Garden Tended before it this is a poem well known in the fantasy world of Talarin. It is supposed to be a poem that teaches a lesson, taught to young people or shared when we are busy missing the forest for the trees.

Terminal Velocity

He stared at the costume hanging from the closet’s door handle. Before he would have looked at this costume and have been thrilled of the possibilities it could bring. Now he looked at it and saw only death. Here he was, a 35 year old man who thought he could be a hero, but all … Continue reading

A Garden Tended

Not too long ago I responded to a daily prompt with a post about an imaginary fantasy land named Talarin. I started to write this little poem, realized they were wedding vows, and liked the idea of them taking place in this same fictional village. Enjoy!

The Worst Day of my Life

I stumbled from the hospital that morning, my mind numb and bewildered. The first thing I noticed was how absolutely gorgeous the day was. It was an unseasonably nice October day, and was what you would probably consider the perfect weather. The blistering summer was slowly giving way to winter in a rare example of … Continue reading