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You OK?

No I’m not ok I hate it when they ask that Don’t care what I really have to say Because they don’t want the answer That I’m shattered deep inside Because that would be so awkward So I just fake a smile and say I’m fine There is nothing anyone can say Nothing that changes … Continue reading

Father’s Day Thoughts

This may be a little early, but I found myself facing this weekend dreading it. So, I fear if I wait I will never be able to write these words, and maybe in their writing I can make my feelings concrete and color them differently. Ever since I was grown I always wanted a family. … Continue reading

My Father’s Eulogy

On October, 1st 2017, my whole world fell apart. My father, my personal hero, had died suddenly of what was supposed to be a routine procedure.

Compass Lost

I sat and talked to you today Whispered your name into the wind Even though I knew of course You’d never answer me again

Logan’s Poem

Logan finally got to be Zebra of the Week, which he has been eagerly awaiting all year. This is a special week that focuses completely on Logan. He gets to show his favorite books, toys, tell stories and his friends make him a special book. On Wednesday we had to write a poem or letter … Continue reading

Rant: Violence And Video Games

The whole “video games cause violence” discussion at this point is just exhausting to me. Gaming companies, gamers, developers, publishers, and people outside the interest of gaming such as psychiatrists and therapists have all debunked the notion that violence and violent video games are tied hand in hand. It seems no matter how many studies … Continue reading

Rant: Father’s In Media

Pardon me while I climb on to my soapbox for a while. Well, my figurative soapbox as I don’t have a physical one to do so with. In fact, those are really hard to come by anymore; seriously when’s the last time you’ve seen a wooden soap box? I digress though. Lately I’ve grown more and … Continue reading