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Fragments of You

Your number’s still in my phone Though I can never call A million things to tell you And you can’t answer at all   I see you in the mirror A bit more every day Still trying to make you proud Though you’ve gone away   When I go home now It mostly looks the … Continue reading

Typing Cicadas

I wear self imposed blinders everyday Reassurances meant to block out all uncertainties Dreams of better kept out by the darkness of security I cannot witness the dark side of not knowing But neither can I be tempted by sumptuous paths of possibility Occasionally the blinders slip, and I panic Struggling to put them back … Continue reading

A Daily Pardon

Shrill and alarming the morning starts With pre-loaded sounds screamed from tiny speakers I stumble though the same motions I did yesterday The day before, and the one before that More automaton than man I ride a steel beast through streets of noise Dodging danger and accidents, on hostile roads And yet at the same … Continue reading

The Wild Orchid – Chapter 2

Iyani stretched and leaned back against the mast of the Wild Orchid.  She had returned hours ago, and had immediately begun work on the ship.  The work was fast, and after only a few hours she had returned the sail to working order.  Sinta had dropped by for a moment or two earlier just to … Continue reading

The Wild Orchid – Chapter 1

Read Prologue here. Caradin laughed heartily spinning the wheel of the large airship deftly, another powerful fire spell barely missing the bow of his ship as it lulled impossibly to the left.  This was when the wild dwarf was the most alive, and he always had the briefest feelings of invulnerability.  And why not, he asked … Continue reading

The Wild Orchid – Prologue

Shadows danced across the wall of the underground tomb as a torch cast back the darkness. The man holding it had a hard time keeping his hands from shaking, even as he continued forward. He knew what he must do for his master, though it might tax his courage. The hallway he was in opened … Continue reading

Foreign Sands

At first he knew only blackness, then a chill, and then a dull roaring that assaulted him from what seemed every corner of his being. His heart beat heavy in his chest and blood pounded in his ears along with a loud ringing sensation. So he had not died after all, but how had he … Continue reading