You OK?

No I’m not ok
I hate it when they ask that
Don’t care what I really have to say
Because they don’t want the answer
That I’m shattered deep inside
Because that would be so awkward
So I just fake a smile and say I’m fine
There is nothing anyone can say
Nothing that changes how it hurts
It all sounds so dramatic
But I’m barely hanging on
I’m trying so hard to deal with life
And all the punches it seems to throw
I’m trying to be strong
Because that is what I was taught
But inside I’m weak
My courage all just bluster
Grinning through the tears
And putting on a show
I can’t help but trying to hang on
All the ways I thought life would be
How did it come to this
Where once inside were pretty dreams
Made of towers of sparkling glass
Now just panes of jagged edges
Broken by a harsh reality
One that doesn’t care about feelings
Doesn’t promise that you’ll be whole
Just hands you a broom and dustpan
Tells you to sweep up the pieces
Dump them in the trash
And know that what they were is lost
To just get used to the empty spaces
Where once stood monoliths of hope
And how can you say that in words
Without breaking into tears
Just nod and say your great
So they can just move on
Probably also broken inside
So no, I’m not ok
I’ll never be again
But thanks for asking

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