Vast and Without End

Imagination is my very lifeblood

It is the thing I cherish above all else

That lets me take my kids to distant worlds

Fill their life with funny voices and crazy stories

It is my imagination that lets me put pen to paper

The dream that refused to die when I grew older

Letting me create entire worlds from one ephemeral thought

Coalesced into very being by my sheer desire to see what lies beyond

Explore the cave, fight the dragon, cease the day

To travel to distant worlds, see strange beings I’ve never met

Seeking to understand them and in turn be understood

Fed by books, movies, TV, and video games

Never ceasing to feed the fire, never stopping

One might call me childish in these ways

But how grim to live without fairy tales and pretend

How terrible to wake up and be content with what truly is

To never dream of places that do not exist

Denied being enraptured by a feeling of exploration and wonder

Feel only that which is captured and documented

Dissected and studied until the black and white of it is known

Instead choose to be childish and don’t worry about what others think

Choose to travel to those stars that do not exist

Laugh with your children

Pretend to be a grand knight or a growling monster

Pick up a toy like you did when young

Imagine what grand adventures it could have

Do not be satisfied with the failings of this current world

And in your imagination, vast and without end

You will be unencumbered by only what is

Instead be free to dream about what might be

To seize that thread and cast it across your infinite creation

Follow it through the vastness to see where it goes

Then share it with the world

So we can all be truly free



One thought on “Vast and Without End

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