A Garden Tended

Not too long ago I responded to a daily prompt with a post about an imaginary fantasy land named Talarin. I started to write this little poem, realized they were wedding vows, and liked the idea of them taking place in this same fictional village. Enjoy!


This seed I give you both to place in soil

Gathered here you promise you will toil


Tend and keep thy garden fair

And when it grows, then garden share


If fruit grows from a golden stem

Split that gift with yonder friend


You’ll toil together and watch it grow

Though drought will strike and rain will flow


Roots will grow down deep beneath

That carries life under both your feet


Though above you may see no green

Growth, like love, can move unseen


With age and grace your garden grows grand

Those roots will snake across the land


As they spread and grow above

New green life sprouts from your love


So thus the love you plant today

Shall carry you ‘till old and gray


When one of two your last breath take

You’ll look back on this garden you’ll make


There you’ll see a vast lush green

Grown by love, from this one seed

One thought on “A Garden Tended

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