Unicorn’s Meadow

When I saw today’s prompt the first thing I thought of was teeth cavities of course, but the second thing I thought about was a hollow in the Earth. Some of my stuff has been pretty morose, so I wrote this for my daughter and her undying love of unicorns.


Deep in a cavity

Under the ground

Is a beautiful meadow

Where unicorns are found


They went down there

Sometime long ago

Where they have no enemies

No sadness or woes


There they just play

Among all of the flowers

With powerful wizards

Who live high in their towers


The magic place they made

Keeps the unicorns safe

From people far above

Who would hope to enslave


A unicorn can’t be kept

That much we all know

They belong to no one

Hearts pure like the snow


The wizards though knew

If they took them below

The world would lose joy

That unicorns gave long ago


So it was agreed

That whenever we sleep

Magic dreams would be made

So the joy we could keep


Late in the night

All the children so young

Could dream of days in the meadow

Filled with magic and fun


And now to this day

Unicorns fill our dreams

In that wonderful meadow

Where they prance in sunbeams


So squeeze your eyes shut

Wish with all of your might

That you’ll visit their meadow

When you sleep tonight



via Daily Prompt: Cavity

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