Ranger’s Oath

In a fantasy world I thought up, the Rangers of Talarin are a group of fighters and hunters that protect the valley and their home of Talarin from the encroaching forest that surrounds their land, which is situated in a valley at the base of a mountain.

The forest provides protection from outside armies and invasions, but it is also very old, very deep, and filled with darkness of it’s own. Joining the Rangers means you are often away from home and I imagine this as a song that the Rangers might sing deep within the forest, perhaps when their hope is at it’s lowest.

I was careful to not use descriptors like he or she, because the Rangers accept any and all into their ranks.

Trill tweet tweet
The songbirds sing
Across sun soaked meadows
That are lush and green

Away in the meadow
My love does roam
Finding sweet flowers
To brighten the home

While I’m far away
Earning a keep
In crowded dark forest
Where dangers do sleep

Hunting and fighting
Here I do roam
Trying to keep dangers
Far from my home

I’m sworn to protect
A fighter at heart
Yet I long for peace
When ever we part

But a ranger of Talarin
Takes deep oaths
That they must abide
To stop evil’s growth

For darkness is deep
Among these dells
Where no songbird trills
And no goodness dwells

Our pact is to guard
Valley and friend
From edge of the village
To river’s far bend

So I shall abide
Questing with kin
Until the day love
I see you again


via Daily Prompt: Trill

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