Quieted Candor

I see it in your eyes

That expectant horror of what I might say

Searching for meaningless words to mutter

Should I be candid and straightforward


I see in your body language

That unexpressed feeling

You wish I would just be ok

That you could just make it better


But you know the words are empty

You can’t truly offer hope

And so you don’t know what to say

When there is nothing to say


If I express my pain

I make it your awkward pain

So instead I grow a little angry inside

At the idea that I should be ok

That my world falling apart

On the day he died

Doesn’t mean it fails to spin for anyone else


So I smile and laugh

Though I feel shattered inside


Quieted candor

Silenced by social expectations

And by the knowledge of the truth

That in small ways

Nothing will ever be ok again


via Daily Prompt: Candid

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