Welcome to Epic Drop!

Welcome everyone!

Epic Drop is a blog I started to archive and share the writings and musings that I’ve created that don’t fit into the endeavors of my gaming blog Home Button.

After creating Home Button and beginning to become part of the community I discovered a love of writing reignited in me. I longed to participate in writing prompts and to share my personal thoughts on daily life, not to mention my fiction, but the blog I was trying to build into a gaming website didn’t seem like the place to do it.

Hence Epic Drop was shelled out from the old gaming blog I had once begun here and will be revitalized into a site where anyone who wishes can come and read my writing.

I’ll be archiving a lot of my older writing I did when I was freelance or when I was working for an old videogame site that might relate here. That writing won’t be as polished as my writing is now, but it is an important part of my writing journey and of who I am.

Please enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think about all of my work. There is no limit to better after all.

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