Book Review: Where Do the Animals Go When it Rains by Janet Crown


Where Do the Animals Go When it Rains is a competent, if somewhat flawed amateur excursion into the world of children’s book that is full of love. Janet Crown and her children came together to make this book and it shows with a childish and whimsical look of where the different animals go to avoid the rain. The illustrations throughout the book are well done with simple yet classical design that resonated with both my children and kept them interested throughout the book as well as varying word fonts that popped on the page.

There are some problems with rhyming and flow within the narrative that really hinders the final experience in reaching a level beyond merely entertaining. While my children didn’t notice, there was more than one area where the rhyming previously established was completely abandoned in order to force the narrative into the structure. The break in the rhyme is jarring because it pulls you from a comfortable flow that you’ve established, especially when reading out loud to your children.

This children’s book is filled with an obvious love and written with the care of a mother that collected bed time stories over the years and  made in collaboration with her children. While it isn’t perfect, especially when it comes to the overall flow of the story, the real measure is that my 11 month old and my 7 year old both enjoyed the book, and my 7 year old has asked for it twice now for bedtime story. In my estimation there can be no higher complement from a child. You can probably find more well done, professional books out there, but there is a blossoming talent here that is tempered with clearly felt love that you can feel even as you read to your children.

Score: 3 out of 5

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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