Logan’s Poem

Logan finally got to be Zebra of the Week, which he has been eagerly awaiting all year. This is a special week that focuses completely on Logan. He gets to show his favorite books, toys, tell stories and his friends make him a special book. On Wednesday we had to write a poem or letter about Logan for his school and send it to be read aloud. Here it is, be easy on me it was late when I wrote it.

 Logan’s Poem

Did you ever wonder

What you might see

If you looked through the eyes

Of a father like me

If you could understand

The wonder and fun

If you could know how it felt

To have Logan as a son

First thing about Logan

That you should know

His hearts as big as the moon

Though times it won’t show

Because sometimes it won’t

He’ll say unkind words

He’ll kick and he’ll punch

Be mean and absurd

Then he’ll feel bad

It’s his big heart you see

After the mean goes away

He’s sorry as can be

His hearts filled with love

For his mother and sister

His friends and his Dad

(That’s the Flatt you call Mr.)

Logan’s more than his temper

On that you’ll agree

When you know what I know

When you see what I see

He likes to play Legos

They’re his favorite you know

And he’d build to the sky

If I’d just let him go

Logan’s creative and funny

He can often be silly

He gets it from me

I’m both willy and nilly

He likes playing video games

(Like any young boy)

Watches cartoons and colors

Has adventures with toys

Like you he gets angry

but more it’s sad thats not showing

Please be patient with him

he’s still learning and growing

If theres one thing I know

(and of Logan know a lot)

It’s that theres no greater treasure

Than the one that he’s got

It’s called imagination

Big dreams to fit his large heart

Just like his favorite legos

All of these things are his parts

Put them together

And you’ll see what I see

That no matter his fears

He is precious to me

I could travel this world forever

And would not find a one

Who I’m proud of, love and cherish

More than Logan my son

I love you buddy ~ Dad

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