Artist Spotlight: I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons is a rock band from good old Chicago IL, but they are so much more than that. The band infuses itself with rock alongside original electric sounds, some pulled directly from old video games. Coming together in 2008, the band has since released 2 EP’s and not too long ago released KABOOM!, their first full length album. What is a cd product spotlight doing on a video game website you might ask? Watch this and you might not have that question anymore.

Yes you did just see a band play the Contra theme with a NES guitar. The band not only takes pieces of its music from classic NES games, but play the aforementioned NES guitar, power glove and even a power pad on stage by programming them with different sounds. Let me say that again: A NES GUITAR!!!

The band regularly covers geekier topics such as one of their earliest songs, Nobody Likes Superman Anymore, and have even done a pretty awesome cover of the Legend of Zelda theme. Unlike many chiptune or nerdcore type of bands these fine folks branch out from their geeky roots, while always staying true to them, allowing people that maybe aren’t the biggest nerds to still enjoy their music. It helps that the band is really friendly and has a pretty awesome grassroots group called the Advance Guard you can get in on to help the band grow.

I Fight Dragon’s latest CD is their first that is published by a label and many feared that would lead to a different sound. There aren’t any songs about Superman on this album, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of their finest collection of tracks. From the title track, KABOOM!, to my personal favorite, Before I Wake, the record has something for pretty much everyone who enjoys a sound that’s a little different from other stuff out there now. You can purchase it here or go to their official site in order to listen to some of the tracks.

If you can’t tell, IFD is one of my favorite bands out there and I wholeheartedly recommend both the band and their newest CD, KABOOM!. Check them out now, become a fan, thank me later.

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